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About Us
About Us

We're activating people and advancing social causes

See3 provides strategy, video and web services to nonprofits and social causes. We help do-gooders change the world by delivering on goals like fundraising, awareness, recruitment and more.


With a dedicated focus in the impact sector, we help our clients achieve their mission as effectively and efficiently as possible in our rapidly evolving communications landscape. See3 designs our process explicitly to inform, empower and support our clients throughout the project.


Our team of audio-visual producers, outreach strategists, marketing professionals, designers and software developers are committed to bringing your good work to the people invested in your issue.


History: Your Chocolate in My Peanut Butter



The mix that created See3 was equal parts internet start-up, documentary film, nonprofit fundraiser and a strong desire to do meaningful work.


In 2004 Michael Hoffman was providing nonprofits and foundations with website services and communications consulting. He came to this work after 15 years working as a political consultant, a nonprofit fundraiser and a venture capitalist. Michael was sharing an office with Danny Alpert, who was making social issue documentary films for television, mostly for PBS and HBO.


What was on Danny's mind in 2004 was how documentary film was changing. Camera equipment and editing software was getting less expensive fast, and the documentary films for television were becoming much more like campaigns for social change, with thoughtful engagement strategies. The film Danny was working on at the time, A Doula Story, about an innovative teen pregnancy support service, had an engagement and public policy campaign with a budget nearly as big as the film's.


What was on Michael's mind in 2004 was the impending switch from dial-up to broadband internet. It's hard to believe now, but in 2004 we were still getting those AOL CDs in our mailboxes and paying $19.95 for dial-up. But that was about to change. In the Spring of 2005, Verizon and SBC (now AT&T) were going to lower their DSL prices below the cost of AOL's dial-up. Game over. Michael saw signs of this tipping point and was thinking, "So what would broadband mean to the web?" The answer was video. Lots of video.


Michael and Danny realized that we were entering a new era of media for social change. Michael's social change chocolate was in Danny's documentary film peanut butter. See3 was the tasty result, born to help social causes and nonprofit organizations navigate this new world.


Our Values


See3 is not just your ordinary communications firm—like our clients from the worlds of nonprofits and causes—we are guided by our values: