Senior Consultant

Lisa combines her passion for community building and business savvy to create communications and engagement strategies that transform not only what clients do, but also how they do it.

Lisa Colton is See3’s Chief Learning Officer, and in this capacity, she helps clients design and implement projects that both advance their immediate goals, as well as teach them how to work differently in today’s connected, digital age.  Much of Lisa’s work is within the Jewish community, including organizations such as the Samis Foundation,, MazelTogether (a program of The Rose Community Foundation).

Lisa loves helping leaders see their work through a different “lens”, to learn how to “surf the wave” of digital communications rather than feeling the need to constantly swim upstream.  She loves the opportunity to learn about the great work of so many diverse organizations, and to help clients do their very best work.

Outside of professional pursuits, Lisa loves live music, gardening, enjoying the natural beauty of her native Pacific Northwest, and helping her children foster adorable critters from the local animal shelter.

Lisa is an alumna of Stanford University, as well as the Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies and Livnot U’lehibanot.

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