Tiffany Krystal

Tiff is committed to making See3 a business that truly exemplifies its values of people, planet, and profit through thoughtful leadership and strategically aligned operations.

Tiffany's role at See3 is to ensure that See3 is exceptional in following through on the promises it makes to its clients. Her team is committed to not only delivering on their projects but truly serving each client holistically and thoughtfully by being great listeners, offering strategic insight when needed, and always solving the core issues and not symptoms. She is very committed to not just talking but doing and it’s at the center of all she does here at See3.

What motivates Tiffany every day is the belief that businesses can operate profitably and it not at the expense of its people or the planet. She truly believes that through mindful leadership, strategic foresight and planning, intentional culture, and a little fun, businesses can and should be agents of change and transformation.

When Tiffany is not at See3, most of her time is spent hanging with her family and dreaming about the beach she's destined to live on. She super enjoys reading, journaling, dancing, and performing and holds to the truth that “the greatest healers are those that have healed themselves.” Tiffany thinks that’s true of great leaders.

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