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Jul 24
by Miriam Brosseau

We’re thrilled to see the interest that has come out of our first-ever See3 Strategy Summit!

We’re beginning to review applications and will let teams know their status no later than August 4.

Jul 14
by Michael Hoffman
Brands that have sharp personalities do better than brands that feel generic.
Jul 13
by Mitch Hurst
This week See3ples read about making donations through Venmo, how linear thinking is hurting social change, and why grantmakers need to support strong internal foundations at nonprofits.
Jul 7
by Michael Hoffman
When we at See3 wanted to better understand our constituents, we made sure to go beyond the metrics. Through dozens of interviews and an extensive survey, we've learned quite about you guys. One thing that became super clear is that digital teams at nonprofits are frustrated.
Jun 30
by Michael Hoffman
We hold these truths to be self-evident, that digital communications are complicated and that we spend too much time chasing our tails with the latest social media shiny object. I hereby and through these words declare our independence from this tactical treadmill.
Jun 29
by Mitch Hurst
Nonprofits are innovating AI, fundraising collaboration across nonprofits, and imaging a world where Apple had to function like a nonprofit.