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May 19
by Michael Hoffman
The honest truth is that you're telling the wrong story. You need to tell the story from the point of view of the people you want to activate.
May 12
by Michael Hoffman
Our talk at the UJA Nonprofit Digital Summit covered video and storytelling for nonprofits, and it was great to see organizations commit to telling powerful stories that will move their constituents to action.
May 11
by Mitch Hurst
Assessing gender and philanthropy, paying attention to donor retention, and Amazon sending some good into the world.
May 5
by Michael Hoffman
I'm in a bit of a funk that the American Health Care Act passed the House yesterday. But stay with me! There's a nonprofit lesson here.
Apr 28
by Michael Hoffman
How can we join physical activity and online movements?
Apr 27
by Mitch Hurst
We're addressing political differences and protesting over beers. What a time to be alive!