Foundation Fighting Blindness
Video Production & Storytelling

See3 created videos that break down the science behind The Foundation Fighting Blindness’ work and inspire audiences to donate.

The Foundation Fighting Blindness is a grantmaking organization with one goal: drive the research that could lead to preventions, treatments, and vision restoration for people with degenerative retinal diseases. One of the organization’s toughest challenges towards achieving this goal is inspiring donors to give with the perfect blend of science and storytelling.

To help overcome this obstacle, See3 crafted a video for the organization’s important fundraising dinners that told the powerful story of Kelly, a woman with a degenerative retinal disease, and the doctors and scientists working to restore her vision. See3 facilitated the entire project from start to finish, including scripting, storyboarding, production, and even animation. Throughout the entire project, we focused on The Foundation Fighting Blindness’ need to build an emotional connection with audiences while also getting across the complicated science of preventing and treating degenerative retinal diseases.

“See3’s preparation was really very good and made sure that we got the most out of our video production days. They were organized, communicative, did their homework, and met deadlines. We started each day with a very strong plan and had the videos in our head before we shot them,” said Rhea Farberman, the Senior Director of Communications and Marketing at The Foundation Fighting Blindness.

See3 also filmed extensive interviews with Foundation staff, researchers, and real people living with retinal diseases. Blending powerful, emotional storytelling with science helped make clear to donors that The Foundation Fighting Blindness’ work extends beyond the laboratory and truly changes lives.

The video received warm, positive responses from the audience. “They add a new element to our fundraising events, and report on science in a way that is accessible for the general public,” Rhea said.

Recently, See3 made condensed versions of the video, designed to be accessible to audiences across different platforms. These alternative versions of the original allow The Foundation Fighting Blindness to connect and engage with new audiences beyond the fundraising dinners.

“They’re part of our mix of media and communication products that help us tell our organization’s story,” Rhea said. “As we’ve begun using social to raise funds, we knew we wanted to use these videos. They’ve already been proven to be strong drivers for donations.”

Videos should tell powerful stories that inspire people to take action. Does your organization have a complex story to tell? See3 is here to help.